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Independent Bookstore Day 2015 is in the works and it is GROWING!

Q: What’s happening for Bookstore Day 2015?

A: In 2015 California Bookstore Day (well, Bookstore Day) is expanding to include independent bookstores all over the country.

NAIBA is working with the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association (NCIBA) and the other regional independent bookseller associations to offer indie bookstores across the county the opportunity to hold their own Independent Bookstore Day in conjunction with California Bookstore Day on May 2, 2015. NCIBA will handle all curating, ordering and distribution.

Participating stores will need to agree to a few easy rules, throw their own parties and events on May 2, and place a minimum order of the exclusive and unique books and art pieces being published for the event.

Q: Why should we participate?
You mean beside that fact that it’s hugely fun and great opportunity to celebrate thriving indie bookstores across the country? Well, how about this: Virtually every store that participated in the first CBD in 2014 reported increased sales on the day: 20% gains were the minimum, and 50-150% gains were not uncommon. One store reported a sales jump of more than 1000%!

Additionally, California Bookstore Day succeeded in generating media attention, attracting new bookstore customers, generating a lot of community goodwill, and turning around the tired, old bookstores-are-dying narrative.  

Q: Who can participate?
A: Any dues paying member of a regional independent booksellers association may participate. Your membership must be up to date.

Q: How do we sign up?
A: You will need to express your intent to participate to your regional beforehand so that you are sure to get all the information in a timely manner, but the only official “sign up” is when you actually place your order and sign the “rules of the road” agreement in February, 2015.

Q: We may need a list of the items before we can commit to the event.  Is that doable?  
A: We will have a full online catalog with as much detail about each item as possible in January 2015, but it is conceivable that a few items will be missing art at the time orders are due.

Q: Aside from ordering the Bookstore Day items, what else do stores need to do to participate?
A: Bookstore Day is only as good as you make it and creating a really great party around it is the most important part of making it work. The items are a draw and garner lots of publicity, but they do not make an event in and of themselves. Each bookstore needs to commit to publicity, displays and events that make sense for their personality and location. We will provide much more information leading up to May 2015. But the bigger and more creative, the better! You can check out some of the party ideas from last year here.

Q: From whom do we buy the special items?
A: All items will be ordered through California Bookstore Day and the NCIBA (we will produce an online catalog and order form). Orders will be fulfilled by Ingram and all participating stores must have an Ingram account or be prepared to pay by credit card.

The only exception will be if NAIBA decides to publish or produce something for Independent Bookstore Day. In that case, orders for those items would be handled through NAIBA.

Q: What are the discounts on the items? 
A: Stores will receive their regular Ingram discounts. Items published by Independent Bookstore Day or other regionals will have their own discounts (usually 50% or more).

Q: Can bookstores continue selling the special items after the official event date?  
A: By all means! We only ask that you do not sell them online for a month. Phone holds and orders are fine beginning the day after Bookstore Day.

Q: So, we can sell the items online?
A: Only on your store’s website (no third party websites, please) and only beginning one moth AFTER the event date.

Q: Why are the items non-returnable?  
A: These items are only for Bookstore Day and publishers are printing only what is ordered. The goal is for each store to sell out of their Bookstore Day stock on the day of the event or shortly thereafter and stores should order only what they think they can sell on Bookstore Day. We don’t want items hanging around for months because that lessens the incentive to show up at stores on the day of the event. Quantities are limited—that’s why folks line up before opening.

Q: Can we discount items?
A: Stores are not permitted to discount the special items on the day of the event or for one month afterward. If you have unsold items after that, we hope that you will continue to sell at full price to preserve the value of the items. However, we appreciate that these items are purchased non-returnable and that there may come a point when sale pricing is necessary.

Q: Can an individual store produce something special for sale in that store only?
A: Yes. Some stores printed posters and broadsides for sale or as giveaways for California Bookstore Day. This is completely up to each store.

Q: Who pays for this?
A: California Bookstore Day and the NCIBA fundraise to support Bookstore Day. In 2014 we received funds from an Indiegogo campaign, the ABA, and James Patterson. We also published 5 of the 13 CBD items and made a small amount by selling CBD bags and t-shirts. But each store pays for its own events and promotions.
Although it is not required, most participating stores made a donation to California Bookstore Day. The event costs upwards of $100k to produce and our success means stores benefit directly from in-store sales. We make no profit.

Please consider making a donation here.

Please continue to check this page for updates.